Friday, November 2, 2012


This is a climbing blog. I'll be departing from the normal topics here because I feel this is important. The Hurricane Sandy warnings were pretty much just hype in my neck of the woods. We've had at least a dozen other days this fall where we received more rain than we did on Monday.

So, hearing from my family about the utter devastation that has occurred along the coast is heartbreaking. It's safe to say that the Jersey Shore many of us knew as children, growing up there, won't be the same again for some time to come. Some of my relatives don't have electricity yet. Gasoline is hard to find. School is cancelled and many people aren't able to go back to work just yet. My parents residence was spared, but just blocks away people's houses were torn apart. These people have nothing left and have to rebuild their lives and their homes.

Seabright, I think.

Most friends and family I've checked in with are fine. Many of them have been happy to here from me though and are glad for any contact or well-wishes we can offer. If you have friends in the NJ/NYC area and you haven't let them know you're thinking of them, why not do so right now? Most likely they don't need your help but they'll be glad to hear that you're thinking of them.

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