If you have unanswered questions look here. You could always shoot us an email too. Just like everyone else there's probably a smartphone glued to one of our hands.

How do I register for a course with Bigfoot Mountain Guides?

You can register using the registration form, by email, or over the phone. We won't secure you're trip until we receive a deposit. If you use the registration form we'll contact you as soon as we can after we receive your submission.

Where does Bigfoot Mountain Guides offer courses and instruction?

The upper NE Ridge of Mt. Triumph, North Cascades National Park
We offer programs and custom private instruction throughout the northeastern United States. We're located in the Pioneer Valley in western Massachusetts but we routinely guide in the Gunks, Adirondacks and White Mountains as well. Here is a list of the areas where we operate and most of our current course offerings in each area: *Through guest guide agreements with our partners in that area

Where do I find out about Bigfoot Mountain Guides course offerings?

You can look on the schedule or contact us. Every single program we offer can be run privately and with a low client:guide ratio.

What are your Instructor:Participant ratios?

Many organizations advertise low ratios for a better participant experience. In a climbing environment, 6:1 is not a low ratio. All of our programs are run at a 4:1 ratio or lower. Most programs are run privately on a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio.

What if there's a course I want to take and I don't see it on your schedule?

By all means contact us. Shoot us an email. Due to the low-ratio nature of most climbing instruction many of our course offerings aren't listed on the schedule. In fact, the only programs listed on the schedule are longer trips or higher ratio programs. Contact us and we'll try to help you set something up.

Can my group do a half day?

We do offer half day programs. Pricing of half days reflects the fact that travel time to the cliff is the same for a full day as it is for a half day.

What equipment is provided by Bigfoot Mountain Guides?

We will provide all technical equipment for climbing. Climbing shoes, harnesses, helmets, rope, and other gear is provided. You are responsible for wearing sturdy footwear and dressing appropriately for the weather on the day you spend with us. If you have questions about what to bring or wear contact us.

How will my group get to the climbing area?

You are responsible for your own transportation throughout the day. You'll need to meet your guide at a pre-arranged location and then follow them to the climbing area where you'll spend the day.

How do I pay for my trip?

Like many small businesses we prefer cash or check, but accept credit card payments as well. We will call you to secure a 50% deposit prior to your trip

Does my guide have special guide-specific training?

Yes, all of our guides have been trained and certified (at various levels) by the AMGA. In addition they are all Wilderness First Responders or Wilderness EMT's. You are in good hands.


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