Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Parallel Universe

I stumbled upon a buried treasure the other day. It's quite a funny story really. At the trailhead prior to climbing I went to "use the facilities" at a nice viewpoint. Pretty sweet actually. Anyways, I'm looking out across the clove and I spot a cliff in the woods with some very pretty pillars. Having never been to this cliff I thought I might as well go check this out.

So, on Thursday I went out to this cliff and my mind was utterly blown to bits. There are probably 15 ice lines of all grades ranging from 70'-120' in the woods. How is it possible that we've missed this cliff? How come no one goes here?

I don't want to totally blow the lid off yet but if you're motivated you should go. If you have a GPS here's the UTM:  0575767E 4664517N. Sorry for the cryptic response. I'll write more later. For now just go if you have the chance! Get there before the season ends and have fun.