Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Red Rocks

Well, I've just returned from a 2 week trip to Red Rocks. If you haven't been there to climb it is definitely worth checking out. The rock is very high quality sandstone with a lot of features - cracks, flakes, edges, and tons of chickenheads. It's a climber's dream and a rappeller's nightmare.

I spent the first week staying with some friends from Boston in a house (a rental). This worked out very well with people pretty much being able to choose who they were going to climb with for the day. The choices varied from sport climbing to long multi-pitch routes.

My second week was spent guiding for Alpine Endeavors. We won the lottery this year! Well actually we were one of the guide services chosen to receive a permit to guide at Red Rocks for 10 days throughout the calendar year. We ran one 5-day trip in the spring and one 5-day trip this November.

Here are some of my better pictures from the trip:

Having returned just returned from Red Rocks, my next few posts are going to be related to rappelling. I've been thinking that I will cover different options for rappelling, and the different rope systems you can use.

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